Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 165

Uncanny X-Men No. 165

Hot-headed Carol Danvers, in her new guise as Binary, and angry over the horror done by the Sith to the X-Men, impulsively blasts out of the Shi'ar starship, leaving the X-Men with one hole of a problem. As a temporary measure, Colossus blocks that hole.

colossus using his body to block hull damage

Lilandra, through Nighcrawler, is dispatched to the ship's command center to activate the repair systems.

lilandra and nightcrawler in front of a console

Wolverine and Cyclops cut a piece of material to seal the breach.

breach sealed with metal

All of this is coordinated by Cyclops.

Ah, the X-Mansion being used as it should be: chilling out on a summer afternoon.

the x-mansion swimming pool

As for nerdy me, I'll be in the library. Unlike the others, the Professor is having a bad time of it - worried sick about the X-Men - he does receive crucial information that will eventually lead to the formation of the New Mutants.

moira and professor x talking

Just like Binary, Ororo has run away, but for a different reason. Storm knows that a Brood egg is inside her and so she had to get away. While in the depths of space this happens.

ororo transforming into a brood

But Ororo manages to regain control.

ororo on the floor

After thinking of her options, Ororo destroys her ship and attempts to commit suicide.

storm in space

Speaking of suicide:

x-men talking

Looking in on Peter and Kitty.

peter kissing kitty

Uh-oh. Kitty is all of fourteen. Of course, if you want to go all legal about it, Earth laws don't apply in a Shi'ar starship. Nonetheless, the pair very wisely backs out of this situation.

At this point, Ororo starts appearing in ghostly form all throughout the ship. Prior to this, the X-Men were sort of just waiting around, half-resigned to their horrible fate. Brings to mind Mr. Micawber's sentiments from David Copperfield, "something will turn up". Well, looks like something is turning up, what that something is? We don't know just yet.

On top of all this, the X-Men's ship encounter one of the sentient Brood starships - known as an Acanti.

an acanti

Ororo explains that she is not a ghost.

storm returns to the x-men

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