Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 171

Uncanny X-Men No. 171

Storm now leads the Morlocks.

storm leader of the morlocks

Unsurprisingly, by right of authority, Storm puts an end to Morlock depradations. Callisto is as defiant as ever - in the face of her defeat that's the only way she can go on without falling into that deep well of self-pity. But the fight is over and Storm reminds her of that.

storm and callisto

Ororo is growing wiser as can be seen in these panels.

storm and nightcrawler

It is not by accident that Madelyne is a dead ringer (pun intended) for Jean; there is a definite Madelyne Pryor/Jean Grey connection.

scott and madelyne talking

She's not around anymore but Binary is a very excellently designed character.


Very Alpha Flightish.

And here we come to the core of this story: The arrival of someone who will become a major X-Man.

rogue arrives at the x-mansion

Here's the back history on Rogue and Binary.


This 'absorption' is causing a lot of mental distress and so Rogue is forced to run to an enemy because the Brotherhood has no one with Professor X's psychic capabilities. It is noteworthy that it is sheer anguish that caused Rogue to seek the X-Men.

The X-Men are less than welcoming of their foe. They go to the Danger Room to cool off. Suddenly, Magik goes out of control.

magik uses her power

There's a lot of downtime for the X-Men in this issue, here we see Ororo watering her plants in her own unique way.

storm waters her plants

At the same time we get a ringside seat to the continuing birth of Ororo, leader of the X-Men.

ororo thinking

The Professor makes a decision.

professor x talking

It does not sit well with Storm. Personally, I think Storm is just being difficult. Professor X has ultimate authority here. Still, Storm's protest pales besides Binary's reaction.

binary punches rogue

Rogue attempts to counter but . . .

binary punches rogue

Rogue is really unwelcome.

x-men talking

In a time of emotionalism, Professor X reminds everybody of the philosophy behind the X-Men.

professor x talking

The other X-Men reluctantly accede. Carol, understandably, does not.

binary flies off

We leave the issue with another look on how difficult it is for Ororo to effectively 'grow up', or rather, become more a product of her experiences rather than her ideals.

storm brooding

This issue shows that we don't have to have all out action to have an excellent comic. Barring the uber punch from Carol most of the action here occurs inside the characters. Claremont's stuff just keeps getting better with age.

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