Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 172
Scarlet in Glory

Uncanny X-Men No. 172

This nondescript panel introduces two key things.


First, Mariko is an upper-crust mob boss. Second, Wolverine will be marrying her. It's not a big leap to think that this will be a real problem - an outsider marrying into a very traditional Japanese group. Of course, the X-Men are invited to the wedding.


You can just smell the problems coming up in this issue.

We are reminded that Rogue is now an X-Man and we are further reminded that she is having a very uncomfortable time with a group that essentially hates her. This welcome from Mariko must feel like a cool breeze in hell.

mariko welcomes rogue

Here's our first wedding crasher - the Silver Samurai.

silver samurai

But somebody crashes his party first.

kukio attacks silver samurai

All the ruckus gets the X-Men's attention.

wolverine attacks

Confronted with Wolverine the armored warrior very wisely disappears from the scene. So does the other assailant, Yukio, Wolverine's ally and former lover.

We are shown the complications facing Lady Mariko.

lady mariko

Here's our second wedding crasher: Viper


Wolverine contemplates what he's getting into.

wolverine talking

If I had Wolverine powers I'd welcome marrying into the Yakuza as a nice way of not getting bored. Dangerous people? Ha! No one's more dangerous than Wolverine.

Just as the night was going so well Viper ups and poisons the X-Men.

x-men poisoned

So, Mariko and the Silver Samurai are siblings.

silver samurai meets with lady mariko

Uh, Mariko, are you of the opinion that the head of the Yakuza should not be a criminal. Hahaha! That is so fucked up!

Wait, it was not Mariko after all - it was Yukio.

yukio disguised as lady mariko

Storm - surprisingly in good health - deals with Viper and gives some strange advice to Mariko.

mariko and storm talking

Yakuza to call the police - uh-huh.

With the tables turned, Storm's power starts to go haywire.

storm short circuiting

Everything goes crazy then the insanity goes up a notch.

the phoenix effect

The Phoenix Force!

The other X-Men are in the hospital. Wolverine has his healing factor and the super-powered Rogue shakes of the toxin - a reluctant partnership is formed.

wolverine and rogue

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