Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 173
To Have and Have Not

Uncanny X-Men No. 173

Wolverine is out on the hunt in Japan with Rogue in tow.

rogue and wolverine do the town

Last issue, Storm's powers went haywire. It seems that she cannot rely on it anymore.

storm and yukio

Sneaking into the fortress of a daimyo (mob boss), Rogue steps on a 'tripwire'.

wolverine saves rogue from a tripwire

We are all reminded that Rogue cannot be intimate with anybody.

the rogue wolveeine almost kiss

The two X-Men find out that their quarry was a ruse.

a dead oyabun

Unreliable they may be but Storm still cuts loose with her powers. Yukio's crazyness starts rubbing off on her.

wild storm

The Storm metamorphosis has been ongoing for several issues now.

Viper and the Hand make their move.

viper and the hand

But so does Rogue.

rogue attacks

It's Wolverine vs the Silver Samurai.

wolverine silver samurai fight

The Samurai takes a face shot.

wolverine silver samurai fight

Wolverine gets stabbed in the gut.

wolverine silver samurai fight

This would be fatal were it not for Wolverine's adamantium skeleton.

wolverine silver samurai fight

Wolverine gets a clear shot to the Silver Samurai's jugular.

wolverine silver samurai fight

Mariko stops the death blow, sparing Marvel the trouble of creating another samuria-themed villain.

Viper comes in with a firearm but Rogue runs interference.

rogue blocks a viper blast

The second blast is different, something that endangers Rogue in spite of her powers.

rogue down

Logan risks the kiss of healing.

the wolverine rogue kiss

The wedding day arrives and Ororo shows off her new look.

mohawk storm

I love Madelyne's reaction to the X-Men.

madelyne and scott

Lockheed is sleeping in the bag in front of Madelyne.

Then suddenly:

mariko's announcement

It's enough to make Wolverine cry.

wolverine in tears

Whose fault is it? This guy's


Mastermind - a mind controlling douche bag. Damnit Professor X, you're supposed to protect the X-Men from this kind of attacks.

Damn. Bad day for Logan.

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