Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 174

Uncanny X-Men No. 174

Forget inter-racial relationships. How about inter-species relationships?

corsair and hepzibah

No danger of pregnancy between Corsair and Hepzibah right?

Binary joins the Starjammers.

carol danvers

That is one powerful addition to their team. And here I thought Ms. Marvel had only one team - the Avengers (she wasn't really a member of the X-Men, and now that Rogue's a member, she'll never be a member of the X-Men).

Professor Xavier's mobility issue wasn't entirely psychological after all.

lllandra and charles cavier

Claremont why do you have to make it so hard on Xavier? Just let him walk already.

Madelyne's mind is not open to the Professor.

professor x talking

My initial reaction was that I did not like this twist in the story - too convenient. But then again it's one more thing to show that there is something odd about Madelyne - the other two things are her resemblance to you-know-who and the Phoenix force manifestation witnessed by Ororo in Tokyo when Madelyne was there too.

Here's another thing we can add to the pile.

cyclops thinking

Madelyne has no history before the plane crash. I say that's beyond weird.

The last time we saw Wolverine he was shedding a tear over that wedding debacle. Well, the old familiar Logan is back and heaven help these samurai.

wolverine facing off against samurai

Wolverine gets insulted and shown the door but we all know that Mastermind is behind this.


Your lost, Mariko. A guy like Logan is bound to be a beast in bed. Hahahaha. Wait a minute, I'm wrong. That would be Hank McCoy.

And now let's take a look at Marvel sell it's Star Wars title through it's X-Men title.

kitty reading comics

The size discrepancy between Peter and Kitty is too much.

kitty and peter

Rather than this I would rather have a subplot where Carol Danvers tried - successfully - to seduce Peter. In this era of Marvel limited editions that would set the stage for the Binary and Colossus limited edition. I'd buy it.

Kitty discovers a new aspect of her powers here.


I didn't know Nightcrawler was the X-Men medic.

nightcrawler the medic

Phoenix has been foreshadowed for a while now. Claremont ups the ante with a capsule history.

history of phoenix

In the meantime, somebody's messing around with Scott.

scott looking at picture of jean

It's Mastermind, of course, once again, isn't the Professor suppose to protect the team against this stuff? Never mind the walking Xavier. Get on the wheelchair, monitor the team, and turn Mastermind's brain to jello.

Did I say 'Mastermind's brain to jello'? I meant 'Scott's brain to jello':

scott talking to madelyne

Ask a question, get an answer.

madelyne punching scott

Cyclops gets punched in the face for being right?!

dark phoenix

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