Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 175

Uncanny X-Men No. 175

What a cover, don't you think?

Cutting a dead tree, X-Men style:

x-men cutting down a tree

In the midst of all these tree-cutting action, a second manifestation of the Phoenix force.

storm and rogue flying

Right after the manifestation Cyclops literally falls from the sky.

cyclops falling from the sky

In order to get to the bottom of this Phoenix thing the Professor brings the legendary Cerebro into play.

And just like that the hype literally explodes in my face as Cerebro short-circuits, putting the Professor out of play.

Uh-oh, Cyclops is possessed.

cyclops in crisis

After Dark Phoenix strikes down Storm she humbles even the mighty Colossus.

dark phoenix strikes

Kitty and Lockheed don't fare much better.

lockheed and kitty fighting

Notice how Lockheed's dragonfire is blocked?

It is Rogue's fate among the X-Men to rocket off after getting punched by a super-powerful being.

rogue gets hammered

The last time it was Binary.

Inexplicably, Dark Phoenix leaves. Storm immediately takes point as leader of the X-Men.

storm talking

The X-Men get some alarming news.

x-men watching tv

Smells like fake news to me.

With that, the X-Men wisely call the Avengers but the comlink is cutoff and another Dark Phoenix manifestation happens.

We get more fake news as it is reported that Manhattan gets destroyed by Dark Phoenix.

Cyclops has an out-of-body experience.

cyclops astral self

To me the most impressive part here is the reference to autodocs - wow. During the out-of-body experience Cyclops meets his Mom.

scott summers meets his mom

Emerging from his otherwordly experience Cyclops has an epiphany - he knows it's Mastermind.

cyclops thinking

When Cyclops runs to his team, they react violently towards him. I'm thinking Mastermind is messing with them. The following panel shows just how tough Colossus is.

A moment later and we have Cyclops taking on the rest of the X-Men!

colossus fighting cyclops

The X-Men aren't seeing Scott at all; they're seeing Dark Phoenix.

cyclops attacked by kitty

Cyclops takes control of the Danger Room and manifests the Savage Land. This is an excellent pair of panels.

the savage land in the danger room

Finally. The rat reveals himself.


A motive is revealed.

mastermind talking

For a moment there we get a flash of the original Mastermind.

mastermind flashback

He's like a pre-Morlock Morlock.

The tactician Cyclops takes out the more dangerous threat first.

cyclops takes out wolverine

Beautiful panel of Colossus pursuing Cyclops.

colussus pursuing cyclops

It's Cyclops and Storm at high noon, with Storm weilding her lightning and Scott with his optic blast - and Cylops wins it!

clclops firing optic blast

Cyclops takes out Rogue and gives an inkling that Mastermind might have just met his match.

cyclops thinking

Wasn't Cyclops amazing then?

Making Rogue absorb Xavier's powers, Cyclops reveals the truth to his teammates.

cyclops talking

Dark Phoenix attacks once again but she is revealed as what she is - an illusion.

Storm unleashes her namesake inside the Danger Room, flooding out Mastermind like the rat he is. Go ahead Wolverine, take him out.

wastermind in the clutches of Wolverine

Of course Wolvie won't be allowed to do it.

storm stopping wolverine

That Mastermind is a bonfide classic character and a treasure trove for future Marvel writers.

Madelyne and Scott are reunited.

madelyne hugging scott

And now for the wedding. Look, Scott's grandparents.

cyclops's grandparents

A little brotherly joke at the height of the wedding. Hehe.

cyclops and havok

And it's done.

scott and madelyne married.

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