Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 176

Uncanny X-Men No. 176

Knowing just how long this marriage will last this 'golden anniversary' comment breaks my heart.

madelyne and scott talking

Madelyne and Scott's plane goes down.

Let's leave that downed plane alone for a while. Here's the latest chapter in the Mariko-Logan drama.

mariko and logan talking

Sharks don't get to mess around with you too much when you're Cyclops.

cyclops warding off a shark

Let's look in on the government now as they talk about mutantkind as a tool of national strategy.

discussion in washington

This issue is really jumping. Here we take a look at the Morlock high command (well, now that Storm's boss the former Morlock high command).

the morlocks

Back to the plane (whooee, dizzy yet?). Madelyne gets snagged by either a giant squid or giant octopus.

madelyne grabbed by a giant octopus

It's an octopus. Cyclops hits it.

octopus hit by optic blast

But it's still up.

Matters are complicated because Cyclops keeps losing his glasses.

cyclops losses his ruby quartz glasses

Those glass bands or braces were invented for Scott.

Cyclops gives the squid his maximum blast.

octopus his by optic blast

That did it.

Scott manages to put on gear that will give him the control he needs in case something else comes up.

cyclops put on his visor

Scott comes to a decision about his Dad's invite to space.

scott and madelyne talking

Man, I really miss the Scott-Madelyne relationship. At least we can always go back to it in these pages.

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