Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 177

Uncanny X-Men No. 177

Arcade, for those of you that do not know him, is a builder of testing grounds. The most famous of which is Murderworld. He creates automatons and environments and traps people inside them. We join Mystique, the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, as she goes through one of Arcade's test environments - one that is populated by automatons of the X-Men.

First to attack is Wolverine.

wolverine attacks mystique

Actually, Wolverines healing factor is powerful enough to save him from bleeding to death. That said, these automatons are a sham - they look like X-Men and that's about it. The real Wolverine can kill Mystique on his own.

Okay, what Mystique does with Kitty could work with the real one.

kitty falls before mystique

Colossus and Cyclops

colossus fighting mystique

Flare what? Could you please look at what 'nigh-invulnerable means'? I'm pretty sure anything that starts with the word 'flare' cannot even hope to harm Colossus. Next.

mystique hit by an optic blast

Walking away from an optic blast. No way. Just no way.


storm fighting mystique

The fuel truck explodes and boom goes Storm. By this time I'm just not interested anymore. What a sham this is.

Here's something interesting.

nightcrawler fighting mystique

Nightcrawler is the only sham X-Man that Mystique is not able to kill. She wonders why but we know right? Kurt's her son.

And here he is: Arcade.

arcade talking to mystique

Man, he does not age well does he?

And now it is revealed that Mystique wants to use Arcade's assets as a sort of Danger Room for the Brotherhood.

mystique talking

Mystique's motives are also made known.

mystique talking

In this issue we are witness to the Starjammers' departure from Earth.

starjammer in space

With them is Lilandra.

This discussion between Amanda and Kurt reveal the mystery that surrounds Nightcrawler and a bit of his past.

During a night in New York an explosion has Peter hastily changing into his Colossus form, which has him running nearly buck naked.


It's a trap set by the Brotherhood. Colossus encounters Blob first.

blob fighting colossus

Pyro is next.

pyro's fire dragon

Avalanche douses the super-heated Colossus with liquid nitrogen.

avalanche uses his power

Uh oh.

colossus turns to a statue

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