Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 178
Hell Hath No Fury

Uncanny X-Men No. 178

From last issue Kitty and Peter get ambushed by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A combination Pyro-Avalanche attack that just might have killed Colossus. Kitty very wisely resorts to the Professor X psychic hotline.

In the Danger Room both Storm and Wolverine display how fast they are.

wolverine and storm training

Kitty has another idea.

kitty pryde

Not only does she intend to contact Reed. She's going to bring the FF into the fight. Brilliant.


fantastic four robot receptionist

Finished with Kitty and Colossus, the Brotherhood go for Nightcrawler. First to attack is Pyro.

pyro attacks nightcrawler


avalanche attacks nightcrawler

Nightcrawler teleports out of this too.

Wow. Amanda in action.

amanda calls up a mystic shield

So who gets the better of Nightcrawler and Amanda? The Blob.

the blob captures kurt and amanda

Storm and Wolverine arrive just in time. The Blob demonstrates his strength . . .

the strength of the blob

. . . and toughness.

the toughness of the blob

Meanwhile, Kitty infiltrates the Baxter Building in search of a device that could help Colossus.

kitty infiltrating the baxter building

Back to the fight. Nightcrawler taking on Avalanche.

nightcrawler vs avalanche

Wolverine isn't having much effect on the Blob.

wolverine vs the blob

Storm deals with Pyro.

storm vs pyro

Back to Kitty at the Baxter.

kitty in the baxter building

Yes, I would have loved to have seen Kitty as Mister Fantastic's apprentice. Considering who Reed is, the fact that Kitty can think of something like that shows just how confident she is in her intelligence - most scientists would be intimidated to work besides the awesome Reed Richards. Aside from these thoughts Kitty also finds (and steals!) the gadget she needs, it is conveniently portable.

Leave it to Nightcrawler to have the creativity to use his teleporting power offensively. Here he uses Avalanches' power on the Blob.

nightcrawler unleashed

This places the Blob in a very vulnerable position.

the blob goes down

The Brotherhood goes down but the Blob has some chilling information.

blob talking

Back at the Mansion.

professor x shot

Thank God it wasn't the real Rogue - it was Mystique!

two rogues

All this so that Mystique can have her daughter back but Rogue enlightens her.

rogue talking to mystique

Mystique uses the Professor to free the Brotherhood.

mystique negotiating with the x-men

Back at the Baxter. What the heck?!

kitty pryde dead

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