Posted - April 2, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 179
What Happened To Kitty?

Uncanny X-Men No. 179

The X-Men are in the morgue to identify the body of Kitty Pryde.

kitty dead in a morgue

Wolverine has something extremely important to say about this whole business.

wolverine talking

The Morlocks where the ones who did this so they can do this.

marriage of caliban and kitty pryde

All in all, the Morlocks, specially Callisto, are asking to get their asses kicked once again.

Back at the Mansion, the Colossus problem is extremely serious.

stricken colossus in the x-mansion

In the latest of a duo of attacks the Professor is experiencing some sort of extraterrestrial intrusion.

professor undergoing a psionic attack

The Morlocks explain to Kitty why she is being kidnapped and forced to marry.

morlocks talking to kitty

Those were promises made when Kitty was under the power of Plague and should not be enforced. But of course, this is not about that. This is about Callisto wanting Wolverine to rip her a new one.

the cruelty of callisto

Under the tunnels Kitty encounters Leech.

leech and kitty pryde

Leech will feature in future issues of X-Factor, but he will look different in those issues, more human.

The ceremony begins.

the marriage ceremony of kitty pryde and caliban

Oh, thank God, they're here.

the x-men arrive

Storm decides to take on Callisto.

storm taking on callisto

But Leech gets in the way.

leech uses his poer

This story is taking a turn for the worse.

x-men loses power

But the focus right now is saving Peter. First, Rogue uses her powers to absorb his current immobilized state.

rogue absorbs colossus

Then the Morlock healer does his thing.

a healer heals colossus

This healer doesn't look like a Morlock, he looks like a denizen of Middle Earth.

In the end, the biggest fight is won inside the heart and mind of Caliban and he is revealed as this issue's hero.

caliban and kitty caliban and kitty caliban and kitty

Sometimes the most anguish causing, complicated problems can be solved by just one person making a simple decision.

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