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Fear Itself 1-7

Fear Itself
Fear Itself : The Deep

What's Stronger Than The Juggernaut? The Juggernaut With A Hammer.

Fear Itself panel

The art is stupendously good. Let me make that clear. Being able to look at the panels is worth the price of admission. Of course it's good, it's Immonen.

When I started reading I wasn't feeling too good about Fear Itself because I was beginning to disagree with the direction. See the panel above? That's all the heroes, led by, as usual, Tony Stark, announcing they're going to rebuild Asgard. What!? The gods can't rebuild there own place. Didn't Thor recreate the Asgard-in-Oklahoma by using the Odinpower? And Odin is back isn't he? The gods are going to use construction companies? This is an outrage!

I'm thankful it didn't last very long. Odin steps in, rightfully, to stop Stark in his tracks by announcing the gods are going home; as you can read in the panel below. At last. If you ask me, Thor listens to Stark's hype a bit too much.

Fear Itself panel

I'm not saying Odin is a nice guy. He isn't. Anybody writes Odin as a benevolent father figure has not been reading the last several decades of Marvel comics. Odin is a royal pain in the you-know-what; he's abrasive, secretive, brutally forceful and punitive. Matt Fraction writes Odin perfectly.

Fear Itself panel

I got more interested in Fear Itself when I saw the teasers showing the Juggernaut. The big guy is chosen as one of the Worthy - Kuurth, Breaker of Stone. The truth is I was expecting to see more of him than I did. His appearance is more like a cameo. Actually, we only get glimpses of most everybody in Fear Itself. Unlike Civil War, which can be a satisfying read on its own, Fear Itself is more of an index to storylines branching out of it and into the other Marvel books. I can't read all of the other stories so I'm using Internet forums a lot to find out which story arcs are worth the reads - there's a lot of positive feedback for Fear Itself: The Deep, for example.

Within the Fear Itself books, one thing to look forward to is shown in the panel below: The Asgardian creation of special weapons for the Avengers. Tony "Don't Forget To Drink Your Glass of Crazy" Stark, jumps in the smoldering vat himself because his armor is his weapon - can't you take it off first Tony?

Fear Itself panel

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