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All I Want Is A Comic Where The Hulk Smashes Everything. Check.

world war hulk sample pic

Halfway through reading World War Hulk I began to realize that this is a far stronger Hulk than I'm used to reading - the strength and toughness was just off the scale. Perfectly explainable since the Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets, and he is deadly furious here.

I had to tell my mind to stop thinking too much and just enjoy the incredible action. I began to channel a younger me, just starting out in my comicbook reading, this was part of my wish list - to see the Hulk like this just going all out, taking on the whole Marvel Universe. I knew it would be a ride; I knew it a long time ago.

world war hulk sample pic

I love this panel, I just had to get this in. The Thing is my favorite. Although he isn't as strong as Marvel's top-tier powerhouses like Thor, Hercules and Big Green over here, Ben Grimm always has a special place in my Marvel pantheon. He gets taken down, of course, but not before getting some solid punches in like this one. It's Clobberin' Time!

world war hulk sample pic

Okay. This one I disagree with. Dr. Strange should have beaten the Hulk. And yes, that's Dr. Strange the Hulk is punching in the panel above. This is the Master of the Mystic Arts and Hulk has no sorcerous defenses. It's an incredible fight that left me incredulous.

Let me leave you with the panel below; an incredible fight panel that conveys what World War Hulk is about : No holds barred super-fights!

world war hulk sample pic

I also want to note John Romita Jr's art throughout which is the best JRJR art I've ever seen. HULK SMASH!

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 26, 2011

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