Marvels 2

It's the 60s! Make Mine Marvel!

You're in for a treat. It's Marvel's Silver Age done in forty or so pages in the merry Marvels manner. Not Marvel manner mind you, Marvels manner, Busiek-Ross style. Man-on-the-street looking up at gods in costume. This is the issue that contains the iconic shot of giant man walking between two buildings shot from below were we can all appreciate the 'Giant' in giant man - and no, I wasn't referring to his, er, anyway.

This issue starts with Captain America, newly resurrected by the Avengers, who are here also. He's going through New York while people point and look. I love the detail on the Pontiac GTO, by the way. Then we have, of course, the guys who started Marvel's Silver Age, the Fantastic Four. Before we even get used to that we have Thor, Iron Man, the Wasp. They're all here. And the X-Men are here too. Done quite right as the furtive, menacing mutants they were thought to be. In fact, this issue is full of mutant paranoia. And where mutant paranoia is, you'll find the Sentinels. You can just imagine what an artist like Ross can do with the Sentinels. For all the panic, issue 2 ends with a high note, that Silver Age milestone - the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Packed. This issue is a tour de force of the Silver Age.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 6, 2012

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