Marvels 3

There are days when I really do want Galactus to eat the Earth

Cosmic Marvel is the theme of issue 3 of Marvels. Seeing that we are still in the Silver Age, what is the biggest Cosmic event during Marvel's Silver Age? The arrival of the Stranger in X-Men? Nope. The appearance of the Skrulls in Fantastic Four? Nope. Captain Marvel maybe? Ah ah. How about the Space Phantom in the Avengers? You've got to be kidding.

Let's spell it out : G-A-L-A-C-T-U-S. Oh yeah

I just love Alex Ross in this comic. He handles it just right. Just browse through issue 3 and you'll swear, the visuals are done in such a way as to make it seem the comic can't hold the size of this story! Galactus is too big for the comic. Brilliant! And yes, we are talking about those classic FF tales about the Planet Eater's arrival with his herald Silver Surfer. There are so many double page and single page spreads here, you are going to love every one of them.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 6, 2012

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