Uncanny X-Force 1-5

Who Are The X-Force?



Deadpool is a multi-skilled combatant. Deadly in both armed and unarmed combat. Backing this learned skills is a healing factor so strong it can regrow severed limbs. This healing factor is derived from Wolverine's but there is a twist to it: Deadpool can mentally control his healing factor.



Warren Worthington III started sprouting wings sometime during his teen years. Trained by Professor Xavier in the legendary Danger Room, the Angel was a founding member of the original X-Men oh so long ago. When this original team reunited as the original X-Factor team, Warren was captured by Apocalypse, who made him into the deadly Archangel. Today Warren reminds me of the classic Bruce Banner/Hulk dichotomy - in turn based on Jekyll and Hyde. Archangel is something inside Warren that threatens to take over.



Adamantium skeleton. Adamantium claws. Healing factor so strong he came back from having Nitro explode in front of him and reducing him to a skeleton. Animal senses. Extended lifespan. Trained as Weapon X. Meant to be the leader of Alpha Flight. Deadliest of all the X-Men.



Can create a telekinetic "katana". Able to use telekinetic powers to emulate superhuman strength. Used to be Brit and Captain Britain's sister, now Asian because of mindswap incident (yes comics!). Psylocke is immune to telepathic attack and cannot be seen by machinery. She can travel through shadows, and, like Nightcrawler, is virtually invisible in shadow.



Like the multi-core microprocessors making the rounds these days Fantomex has multiple brains allowing him to think a lot of dirty thoughts simultaneously. This guy probably did very well in school but also probably never went to it because he's an artficially evolved human who happens to be hanging with the mutants. Fantomex has a different deal with his nervous system than the rest of us, humans and mutants alike. As a result, he can create illusions and is a master of misdirection. Misdirection is one of the skills that stage magicians use to emulate real magic - it also makes Fantomex extremely entertaining in battle. Backing these are solid combat and weaponry skills.

The no-holds barred X-Men are here at last. Enjoy the first adventure: The Apocalypse Solution.

Posted by  Pete Albano - December 30, 2011

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