Conan and the Demons of Khitai 2

The bull in the china shop is called Conan

This is as close a Conan comic will ever get to being something like Mansfield Park, Jane Austen's novel on manners and customs; and thank God for it too. We're treated to two cultures, one is Khitai and the other is Cimmeria (I know Conan is the Aquilonian King but he doesn't fool me; he's the Cimmerian barbarian that we all know and respect). You can bet that this issue has the usual oriental self-control demonstrations (like two soldiers accompanying Conan as his faithful bodyguard even though he killed their older brother). And you can further bet that from the Cimmerian "culture" side there's a hostage taking. Thank you Conan, always the classy guy hehehe.

Is it me or does this Japan-flavor tale remind me of another Japanese classic : Princess Mononoke. Remember that? I remember the wild boar being possessed and going crazy and all that. We have that here too; although in this case it's not a wild boar. It's a man - the greatest warrior in Khitai possessed and killing his own. This is a job for Conan.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 16, 2012

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