Posted - October 23, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 1

All-Star Superman No. 1

The first page of All-Star Superman no. 1 has four panels. Within those four panels, Superman's origin is told. That's pretty impressive. Here's the panel showing Jor-L and Lara, Superman's biological parents.

jor-l and lara

After astounding us with the elegance of that initial page, the book goes into a two-page spread of breathtaking art.

superman flying underneath the sun

This series is just on the second page and I'm already riveted.

So far we have two geniuses in this tale. One of them is the familiar Lex Luthor. The other, newer, genius is Leo Quintum. Quintum is currently in a spacecraft very near the sun. Luthor has sabotaged said craft prompting Superman to fly to the rescue, thus the incredible double page spread above.

Let's leave the space emergency and segue into the Daily Planet. The gang's all here.

daily planet reporters

Steve Lombard, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.

Let's get back to space, where, as expected, Superman foils Luthors plan and saves Quintum and his crew. The encounter does leave some lasting effects on Kal-El.

Recalling our Superman lore, the Man of Steel is essentially an organic solar panel. During this rescue mission he flew extremely close to the sun. Effect number one: he's stronger than ever.

superman pushes against massive weight while leo quintum watches

Effect number two: he's dying.

leo quintum delivers the bad news

That's right, Superman is dying. The organic solar panel has become overcharged. Super he may be but he's also a a man - the realization prompts Kal-El to do some thinking.

superman thinking

While we digest this terrible news let's take a look at Leo Quintum.

quintum and his creations

Leo Quintum has genetically engineered his entire staff. Here's one of the more impressive specimens known as a Voyager Titan

a voyager titan

Knowing that the end might be coming, Kal-El has evidently come to a decision.

We've seen Kal-El, what about Clark? Here he is in this brilliant panel capturing him in all his bumbling glory.

clark kent in action

Note the last action to the right where Clark steps on a piece of paper? Here's what happens next.

clark kent slips

Just brilliant.

Okay, okay, Superman is dying right? Right. So such moments - they force decisions. Decisions like this:

clark kent reveals that he is superman to lois lane

Bam! And that's issue one.

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