Posted - November 4, 2017

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Brightest Day No. 1
Second Chances

Brightest Day No. 1

Since the White Lantern showed up in New Mexico people have been trying to lift it. The local sheriff and his men tried and failed. Then Sinestro arrived and he tried to lift it and failed as well. Sinestro saw it fit to enlist the aid of the Star Sapphire Carol Ferris and the the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Here they are arriving on the scene.

star sapphire, green lantern, and sinestro

Hal Jordan tries and fails to lift the White Lantern.

hal jordan trying to lift the white lantern

We switch scenes to a rusty ship in the high seas where an atrocious act is beting threatened.

dire intent form a pirate

What happens next ensures that such a thing never happens.

mera and aquaman

The last time we saw Mera and Aquaman they were at Amnesty Bay and Arthur Curry was haunted by his time as a Dark Lantern. His fears are about to become reality when Aquaman tests his command of the sea life and this answers his beck and call.

octopus zombie

It seems the King of the Seas is now the King of the Dead Seas.

The arrival of Aquaman also wakes his arch foe, the Black Manta. Black Manta announces his return with ghastly murders.

murderous black manta

He goes beneath the waves and emerges in his tech suit.

black manta

The last time we saw Raymond and Jason they had merged into their Firestorm form. They find that they cannot unmerge.

firestorm fails to unmerge

We leave them in the care of both Professor Stein and the Atom.

the atom and professor stein

On to Mars and J'onn J'onzz's efforts to revive his home planet.

martian manhunter melting a glacier

The Martian Manhunter has lifted an entire glacier and is using his heat vision to create water. He is interrupted in this by some kind of psychic seizure that shows him visions that has him going back to Earth.

The last time we saw the Hawks they were being led by the Claw of Horus and the Star Sapphire south to Peru. In Peru, a team has extracted the bones of Khufu and Chay-Ara. The Hawks move to intercept.

hawkman and hawkwoman intercept armed soldiers

Ow! spiked mace to the heads.

hawkman using his mace

The Hawks win the fight but, unfortunately, one of their foes escape with the remains.

an armed operative escapes from a plane

The one behind the heist is revealed.

hath-set in peru

Hath-Set is using the Hawk's eternal resurrection cycle to fuel his own immortality.

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