Posted - November 15, 2017

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Wonder Woman (2016) No. 5
The Lies Part 3

Wonder Woman (2016) No. 5

We begin with this wonderfully rendered 4am drive.

4 am drive

Inside is Etta Candy come to report to his boss about Steve and his crew being alarmingly incommunicado. The conversation is as we'd expect until right after Etta leaves. Then we get this.

us government infiltrated

Whoever this mysterious 'Doctor' is, he's controlling Etta's boss and he is somehow in league with Cadulo.

Speaking of Cadulo, he's also having a 'discussion' with Steve Trevor.

cadulo punching steve trevor

Going back to Wonder Woman and Cheetah, Diana is informing Barbara that she has all these strange memories floating in her head.

wonder woman's memories

All part of DC's rebirth direction, they're going to meld the new 52 Wonder Woman with the Silver Age Wonder Woman.

In any case, the pair finally arrive before the Temple of Urzkartaga.

the temple of urzkaraga

Here's an excellent conversation between a 'macho' and a 'millenial'. It should not be difficult to sort out who is who.

cadulo and trevor talking

Trevor's colleagues are caged and they've been wondering about how to get out. Suddenly, they are wondering no more.

wonder woman and cheetah attack

It turns out Diana knows all of them by name.

Meanwhile, Trevor looks like he's going to be the 'human' part of a ritual involving human sacrifice.

trevor on the ritual slab

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