Posted - November 16, 2017

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Earth 2 No. 6
End Times

Earth 2 No. 6

Sloan continues to rise up in the world as he threatens Khan's place in the World Army.

Sloan talking to Khan

Sloan does not wait for the outcome of the fight between the world's new Wonders and Grundy. He engineers a nuclear strike on Ground Zero behind Khan's back and with the approval of the committee that governs the World Army.

You know why Khan is now worrying about being replaced by Sloan? Because the last time we saw Khan, he told one of the generals, one of his bosses, to 'shut up'. Kissing ass is pathetic but it's also essential. Ok, it's not essential, but the paycheck you get every month because of your position in the organization, that's essential. And if it's not you must be financially independent. Hello, hi, how's life without friction? Wishing I were you.

On the ground, the struggle continues.

wonders vs grundy

But this is not the real battle. The real battle is in the grey and Green Lantern wins it.

green lantern in the grey

More importantly, Alan Scott leaves the grey saying that he has the solution to Grundy's seemingly unstoppable rampage.

And here it is. Green Lantern lifts Grundy from off the ground.

green lantern flies off with grundy

Very early on, Green Lantern is identifying himself as the powerhouse of this group both in sheer power and in intelligence. Truly a replacement for the departed 'sun god'. Here GL is tackling both the 'Grundy problem' and the 'nuke problem'.

green lantern in space

He throws the nukes into space where their explosive power won't matter at all and he pushes Grundy to the moon.

green lantern pushing grundy to the moon

Grundy is powered by killing life. With nothing to kill, there's nothing for poor old Grundy to do but enjoy the view.

grundy stranded on the moon

Green Lantern should rethink this solution though. What if somebody arrives on the moon from Earth or anywhere else? Then they'd automatically be a potential power source for Grundy.

The awesome Green Lantern is not done yet as he uses his power to replenish the parts of the Earth that Grundy corrupted.

green lantern replenishes the earth

So is this fledgling JSA finally going to be formed? Hell, no. First, Atom is a committed G-Man and considers Hawkgirl a fugitive. Flash and Hawkgirl had to literally run away from him. Second, Alan Scott evidently feels he's more effective working alone.

green lantern parts ways from hawkgirl and the flash

Ha! So much for the JSA. Uh, Flash, what are you looking at?

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