Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 1
Old Tales Revisited

Fables No. 1

You know what I like about Fables? This:

new york street

See that? That's New York. Buildings, taxi cabs. A regular, normal, and sometimes boring city- just like all the others. And then something amazing happens like this:

jack of fables in bigby wolf's office

The guy in a semi-kneeling position is Jack as in Jack and the Beanstalk and the guy sitting down is the big bad wolf of Red Riding Hood fame, referred to as Bigby Wolf. Notice that Bigby Wolf is a major smoker? More on that later. Actually more on this whole meeting later.

Take a look at this door.

snow white's office door

'S. White'. Get it? S. White! Time to enter this room.

Inside, Beauty and the Beast and their strange synergy.

beauty and the beast

Snow White is, quite simply, gorgeous.

snow white

Shown below is a rather voluminous monologue from Snow White, but it's worth reading because this is essentially the intro to Fables.

snow white talking

When the option of purchasing a solution comes up the pair make their financial situation known.

beauty and the beast

I love this. Why? Because it's real. These magical folk, these Fables, have money problems just like us.

Wow, look at Snow White's office.

snow white's office

Notice the hanged man off in the distance? The giant elephant tusk? The discarded pieces of giant armor? The numerous books lining the walls from floor to ceiling? Behind Snow is the desk of another fairy tale character, Little Boy Blue.

The discussion gets heated and Beauty lets loose with a 'dwarf' comment.

angry beauty

Little Boy Blue gives an entertaining little comment about Fable do's and don'ts

little boy  blue talking to beauty and the beast little boy  blue talking to beauty and the beast

And he helps the pair 'dodge a bullet' in the process.

And now, Prince-effing-Charming hahaha.

prince charming turns on the charm

No I mean, really, the Prince Charming.

We'll return to the Prince's rather - uh, interesting - activities later, for now, Bigby has met with Snow to report what Jack told him.

Rose Red. Who is that? There is a tale called 'Snow White and Rose Red', and yes they are sisters there. This is different from the more popular 'Snow White'.

Prince Charming in action.

prince charming being charming

Unfortunately this is as risque as it gets - that damned blanket is just draped all over this pair. Notice the two kids listening in on the action in the corner?

Take a look at Bigby's shadow.

wolf shadow

Bigby and Snow are here to check Rose Red's apartment - the 'scene of the crime'. They said there would be a lot of blood but don't you think this is a bit overdone?

bloody room

Snow and Jack wait in the hall while Bigby uses his wolf senses to investigate. Snow White has got a mouth on her.

angry snow white

Well, Bigby has done his investigation and, along the way, had a literal 'aha' moment. He goes out and arrests Jack.

bigby arrests jack

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