Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 2
The Unusual Suspects

Fables No. 2

We're learning new things. (1) Bigby Wolf, head of security, somehow has the smallest studio unit in the Fables apartment complex and (2) he has a talking pig on his couch.

colin pig on bigby's couch

'The Farm' which Bigby is referring to is a hidden place where all the non-human looking Fables reside.

Remember 'The Three Little Pigs'? Of course you do. This is Colin, the pig that lived in the straw house.

angry colin pig

Colin is a smoker. How fascinating.

smoking pig

A 'smoked pig', get it? Smoked- oh, never mind.

Snow White and Bigby are talking about the Rose Red case from last issue. What catches my eye is the Jaguar shaped Bush besides Bigby.

bigby in the park with snow

Anyway, Jack, of Beanstalk fame, isn't really a strong suspect. Neither are Mundy's (Muggles in the Harry Potter stories; in short: us). Whoever did it was a Fable.

Elsewhere, Bluebeard is teaching Cinderella fencing.

bluebeard and cinderella fencing

Note the phrase 'we're training for real battles'. More on that as the series goes along, but it's worth remembering.

Ok, a note about Prince Charming. He's Snow White's Prince Charming, Cinderella's Prince Charming and the Prince Charming of every one of the Fables that we know by the Disney term 'princess'. This dude is insane in a I-want-to-be-him sort of way.

Here he is having breakfast with one of his ex's, Snow White. He's saying some very interesting things.

snow white talking to prince charming Fsnow white talking to prince charming

Whoa, whoa , whoa. What was that? 'Principality', 'fallen under the Adversary's dominion', something about winning back the Homelands. This is a big chunk of backgrounder here pointing to the Fables being in exile in our world (the Mundy world) because an Adversary has taken over their traditional lands- the Homelands.

The interrogation of Jack - a Fable so interesting he would get his own spinoff series.

bigby interrogating jack

What a depressing room. I hate the walls. What is that? Adobe embedded into concrete?

As you can read below, Jack is quite a rogue.

snow white talking

'Seven league boots', 'magic beans'. I love it.

Here's another interesting tidbit.

bigby talking

The original Fairy Tales. Well, not the original, the Grimm fairy tales - as opposed to the Disney versions - were violent and bloody. So they have the concept of pre-amnesty here - otherwise a lot of the Fables would be guilty of murder.

Snow White's weakness is chocolates.

snow white buying chocolates

Bigby and Snow visit Bluebeard and this is his place.

bluebeard's castle

As mentioned here this is the second place in the Woodlands apartment complex that we've seen this big. The first one was Snow White's office. Both - also as mentioned - are huge places in small spaces. How? Magic. Fable magic. But only available to those who can afford the services of the Fable magicians.

Our phrase for the day: Fuck your satisfaction.

angy bigby and bluebeard

This is strange.

rose red and bluebeard

Insisting that he did not murder her (like he did all his other wives, but that's pre-amnesty), Bluebeard offers a reward for Rose Red's killer.

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