Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 8
The Pirates of Upstate New York

Fables No. 8

Goldilocks orders air supremacy over the Farm.

flying fables over goldilocks

Look, Baba Yaga.

baba yaga

Hahaha this is what comes from Bigby's unneccessary invite to Snow to be her escort for the night.

reynard talking to snow

Reynard the Horny Fox.

reynard talking

Absolutely funny retort from Snow.

snow talking to reynard

Found out!

shere khan catches snow and reynard

Witness the heroic Reynard.

reynard fights shere khan

As Snow makes good her escape she stumbles unto sleeping giants in the Farm.

three giants and a dragon

And a dragon is sleeping with them too.

Boy Blue convinces Bigby that the Farm should be investigated.

bigby and boy blue

Here comes the cavalry! There are some bad yet delicious porkchops up there Mr. Wolf. And you can have Goldilocks for dessert (oops). Better hurry because Snow is in trouble. Oh yeah, just remembered, Bigby Wolf isn't allowed in the Farm.

bluebeard, prince charming, bufkin and boy blue

Oh, Shere Khan gets it.

snow shoots shere khan Fsnow shoots shere khan snow shoots shere khan

You should have not asked for mercy Shere Khan. Live like a tiger, die like a tiger. By the way, the weapon Snow is using is modified weaponry designed to be strapped on a tortoise and used by a hare (yup).

So this is Weyland Smith, and look, he's in chains.

weyland smith

Smith's not the only one who is in this cave. Holy cow.

rose red and the rebels

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