Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 9
Warlord of the Flies

Fables No. 9

Red wasn't really going to shoot Snow, just arrest her. Bloody-minded Goldilocks though is a real killer. Fortunately the others prevail on her to just chain Snow with Weyland.

snow white chained

Meanwhile, the cavalry is stuck in traffic and Buffin wants to drive.

fables in traffic

Here's the story on Weyland.

weyland talking

A geas is a vow enforced by magic. But good old Weyland found a loophole.

a key


Reynard, who thankfully survived his encounter with Shere Khan, has found allies.

allies of reynard

Snow White is trying to free Weyland but, like me, she's a klutz with tools.

snow white with hammer and chisel

It's a struggle but Reynard is here and the clever fox really is the clever fox.

reynard talking

And with that, Smith is free. Now in order to win the war, Snow is looking into some 'atomic bombs'.

a cave

They're talking about the three sleeping giants right outside.

Here we have the rebels' big meetup.

the farm rebels

Looks like it's their final meeting. Did I say Snow White has giants? I meant 'dragon'.


And giants.


If this was Star Wars the rebels would have three AT-AT Walkers while Snow has three Imperial Devastators and a Death Star. The rebellion is over. One of them though, Goldilocks, has escaped.

snow white talking

Waitaminute, she hasn't escaped. She's gone sniper. And then . . .

snow white shot

Oh shit.

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