Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 7
Rocks and Hard Places

Promethea No. 7

Interesting Weeping Gorilla ad.

weeping gorilla ad

I suppose we all have different opinions about how that went right?

Beautifully rendered panel of a protest against the multiple personality New York mayor.

street protest

My favorite sign is: '42 personalities and they all suck'.

Sophie's Mom and best friend meet in the hospital. They don't like each other but it makes for some very entertaining dialogue.

sophie and trish talking

Back in Immateria, Sophie meets Bill, a male Promethea, actually, a male homosexual Promethea.


Here's an interesting discussion on why '4' is an important Promethean number.

promethea talking

Bill Promethea is all about enjoying physical existence.

promethea talking

That 'sorcerer' guy from last issue? He's also in the vicinity of the hospital.

So is the Painted Doll. All the pieces are coming together and it looks like we're going to see some fireworks.

The concept in the panel below keeps being repeated across different media.

promethea talking

I'm tempted to call it 'New Age thinking' but that kind of branding comes across as dismissive and that is not my intent.

As Sophie and Bill come closer to the material world they become more 'realistic'.

sophie and promethea

Bill comes across herself as a man in the material world.


Well it's more of a memory of herself.

So here's the deal: Bill could become a woman, Promethea, and, as Promethea, some guy, Dennis, fell in love with 'him' as 'her'. You know what I mean?

promethea and a guy

When the other guy, Dennis, found out that the alter ego was a man . . .

dennis shoots bill

And Dennis ended up like this. . .

dennis institutionalized

The Prometheas look at the mythical Prometheus.


Like Prometheus, the Prometheas are also 'fire bringers'.

promethea talking

Remember that multiple personality Mayor? This is what he looks like from the vantage point of the Prometheas.

promethea and sophie look at the mayor

Sophie is back and it looks like the fireworks have begun.

a loud sound

The multiple personality Mayor is a riot.

mayor talking

Looks like Roger of the Swell Guys is invulnerable as well as super-strong.

Solomon, the one I referred to as a 'sorcerer'? He sent out an army to deal with Promethea.

a demon army

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