Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 8
Guys and Dolls

Promethea No. 8

Look, Andras is coming back to get his face busted again.

andras talking

The demons maintain their human form only for a while soon enough they stand uncloaked.


We have an introduction from one of them.

a demon

To be fair, it could be fifty ant legions. I mean, he didn't even bring one of them right? Anyway, it's time for Promethea and Sophie knows it.

sophie talking

With an army attacking, Sophie is trying to create multiple Prometheas! And here they are!


And suddenly the unstoppable horde of demons don't seem as unstoppable anymore.

demons talking

There's more. Barbara, still in the hospital, through an effort of imagination, transforms herself and joins the fray.

barbara as promethea

Bill helps out Roger.

prometheas fighting

Bill and Margaret confront what is known as a king among demons.

prometheas fighting

The Painted Doll (Joker?) joins in on the melee.

painted doll attacks

The combination of Grace and Stacia looks specially tough.


The Sophie Promethea cuts loose with her caduceus.

promethea fighting

In another unexpected turn, the Painted Doll has Solomon.

painted doll captures solomon

Then . . .


He took Soliomon with him but the Painted Doll seems to have committed suicide. With Solomon dead, the Goetia - the demon horde - also recedes. They recede into the multiple personality mayor!

demons going into the mayor


mayor talking with flame shooting out from his mouth

As the Prometheas leave, Barbara, who was at death's door to begin with, seems to have passed on at last.

sophie in the hospital with her friends and family

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