Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 9
Bringing Down the Temple

Promethea No. 9

Having been in New York (and Immateria) from the start of the run this comicbook now takes us to a new place - L.A.

los angeles

Promethea takes the offensive and brings the battle to the late Solomon's turf.

promethea fighting

I didn't know Promethea's voice was scary.

promethea talking

A flashback to New York shows why Sophie is fighting mad.

sophie talking sophie talking

Promethea 'reads' a deleted hard drive with the Caduceus - how useful is that wand?

promethea using the caduceus on a computer

This picture would be more effective if she was actually targeting the hard drive and not the monitor.

The Mayor is a perfect hiding place for the Goetia. He can say this.

texture message

And it will just be attributed to one of his multiple personalities.

With the physical Barbara dead, Sophie checks up on Barbara in Immateria but she isnt' there.

sophie in immateria

Hmmm, so you can decide to 'move on'.

prometheas talking

With her mentor gone, Sophie is forced to endure less than ideal replacements.

jack faust

I'm not surprised by what Faust wants in return but maybe that's asking too much from Sophie/Promethea.

jack faust talking

When Promethea raided Solomon's place she came out with a name: 'Henry Royce'. This is he.

an old man talking

What's he up to?

Sophie is talking about the Temple here.

sophie talking

Wasn't the original Promethea's Dad killed by a young Catholic Church?

Unlike Batman, who can't quite bring himself to 'end' the Joker, Promethea is pretty decisive about the Temple.

promethea talking

Too bad she doesn't know about the Mayor.

And here is the Temple. Quite surprising.

the temple

The weapon, they saved it through the centuries.

the temple confronts promethea

What happens next happens to the next generation of the Temple, and it isn't violent at all.

a cartoon panel

Promethea simply shows them that she is no demon from hell but the spirit of imagination. She leaves a little warning to keep the adults in line though.

And Faust's condition?

sophie talking to jack faust

Well, this should be interesting.

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