Posted - October 24, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 2
Superman's Forbidden Room

All-Star Superman No. 2

Last issue a dying Kal-El revealed to Lois Lane that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. The next move has Superman taking Lois to the Fortress of Solitude. Here is the impressive view as they approach.

the fortress of solitude

Lois is in her car and Superman is carrying the vehicle. Makes sense, the frigid Antarctic (or is it Arctic?) winds and the sheer speed of the Man of Steel makes actually carrying Lois impractical.

Upon arriving, they are greeted by robot Supermen.

superman robots

You know what? Superman could've made robots that didn't look like him. He even put capes just like his on these as an obvious tell that these are robot Supermen. Why? Why do they have to look like him? The only answer I can think of is that Superman has a bit of an ego. I'm actually relieved. More of this please, we don't want the super boy scout.

The classic fortress of solitude had a big key to open it up. So big the Hulk would have trouble with it. It was right outside on top of a mountain. The lore stated that nobody wondered about that key because people thought it was some kind of a guide for pilots (yeah right). Still, it was a fun detail but we have a worthy replacement.

superman robots

A normal sized key that weighs half a million tons.

And now a huge double page splash from inside the Fortress of Solitude.

inside the fortress of solitude

This is not really Superman's forbidden room, that's the title of this issue. The forbidden room will be shown later.

I can't decide which I like better, the picture on top or this naughty one showing Lois taking a shower.

lois lane showering

Superman is trying to impress his date and we're happily along for the ride. I like this one: the Time Telescope.

superman talking to a future superman

"Kal Kent, the Man of Steel of Tomorrow, Superman of the year 853,450 A.D." - there is something very, very 'DC' about that.

The baby Sun Eater

superman feeding a baby sun eater

The Sun Eater is never actually shown and is left to our imagination.

And now for the forbidden room shown in the cover

the forbidden room

Superman very quickly hustles Lois away from this one. At first I thought "If you didn't want anybody to go in why don't you put a door?" but then I realized that the Fortress of Solitude isn't exactly built to have anybody inside other than Superman. Lois is a very rare if not once only exception. So Superman never explains why the room is forbidden.

Oh wait, now I know. This is related to next issue. Superman is creating a serum that will give Lois his powers for a day. It's a surprise and that's why the room is forbidden.

Now it's time for dinner inside the real Titanic dredged from the Ocean with food selections from the original Titanic menu.

dinner inside the titanic

Something is off about this one, it strikes me as slightly morbid.

The issue leaves us hanging with this beautifully done one-pager.

an outfit for lois

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