Posted - October 24, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 3
Sweet Dreams, Superwoman

All-Star Superman No. 3

Last issue we saw Superman impress his girl. Ok, not quite right. We saw him try to impress his girl. It turns out Lois Lane is very hard to impress and calling him Superman's girl at this point, well, that's sort of reaching.

This issue, Superman fights off rivals for Lois' affection.

Alright, take a look at this.

lois lane drinks the superwoman serum

Superman just gave Lois a serum to turn her into Superwoman for twenty-four hours. And now let the fireworks begin . . .

superman and superwoman

. . . Superwoman is here.

Right at the point when Lois is going to test her superhuman powers by tackling a monster, somebody does it for her.

samson tackles a dinosaur man

This is rival number one: Samson.


I can tell that Samson has got a whole set of corny moves just because he does this one.

samson kissing lois lane's hand

Rival number two: Atlas. The Barefoot Bolero.


And yes, these two guys just pop in. Suddenly Superman is in some kind of contest.

samson talking

In other words: letting a bunch of guys decide based on some skill or trait as opposed to respecting a woman as a person and letting her pick whom she wants. Oh well, let's see the contest - it's bound to be interesting.

Oh yes, that monster, the big red monster Samson threw right out of the atmosphere, he (not it) has a backstory.

descendants of dinosaurs

The descendants of dinosaurs have evolved to become intelligent. I love it!

Samson informs Superman that he knows the deal.

samson talking to superman

Ok, in the fine tradition of popping into this issue. This guy pops into this issue.

the ultrasphinx captures lois

The being is called the Ultrasphinx and he is powerful enough that both Samson and Atlas are on the run from him. He is holding Lois by a necklace stolen from him by the would be super-rivals. It turns out they have suddenly appeared on the scene not to woo Lois but to sneakily enlist Superman's help in dealing with the justifiably riled Ultrasphinx.

And Superman will help them but not in the way they think. True to the 'sphinx' name the Ultrasphinx is a riddler, if you can answer his riddle, you get a free pass. Superman steps up to the challenge.

The riddle.

riddle of the ultrasphinx

The answer.

superman's answer

The verdict.

verdict of the ultrasphinx

Thus Superman proves he is not only brawn but brains too. And not only that, unlike Atlas and Samson, he is no thief. But wait-a-minute, did I say 'brawn'? There is as of yet no contest of strength. When it does come it is amazingly simple.

Arm wrestling.

superman, samson, atlas arm wrestling

Superman vs. Samson.

samson with a busted arm


Superman vs. Atlas.

superman beats atlas at arm wrestling

And that's the contest.

Our hero comes in for a very satisfying reward.

superman and lois lane kissing

About time.

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