Posted - November 9, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 4

Ultimate X-Men No. 4

The last time we saw the X-Men the Beast was down and I had an inkling that they were bracing for an attack from Magneto. It turns out my prophetic powers were grounded in the maintream Marvel universe (Earth-616). In the Ultimate universe (Earth-1610) Magneto is not so quick to attack his fellow mutants. The X-Men do come under attack - by humans.

People firing guns

These warriors have got decent firepower but what they have pales besides what Cyclops is packing.

optic blast

Impressed as I am with Cyclops, when Magneto comes in to 'take care' of those pesky Homo Sapiens he does it in a style all his own. It's hard to beat smashing all opposition by dropping an entire train on top of them.

magneto drops a train on attackers

Magneto doesn't attack the X-Men. He destroys the humans who are attacking them. Then he makes a compelling argument about just what is going on.

magneto's argument

A very compelling argument.

magneto's argument

The Beast is not dead but he's in a bad way. As he is being treated we come in for some heavy foreshadowing.

the blue beast cometh

I would prefer Hank stay in his human form but it seems that we will be seeing the Blue Avenger version of the Beast in these pages.

Later, Wolverine turns on the charm.

wolverine ladie's man

Remember Magneto's speech a while back? Next to him the Professor sounds like a hopeless dreamer.

professor x's argument

It's war Professor and I'm with Cyclops: Magneto is right.

cyclops joins magneto

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