Posted - November 13, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 18
World Tour Part 3

Ultimate X-Men No. 18

St. Petersburg.

st. petersburg

Where Cyclops and Marvel Girl are trying to convince Colossus to return.

colossus in his family eating

How awkward, talking to Peter while he is eating and his family is eating with him, with both Scott and Jean just standing there and not invited to the table. I suspect that this is very unlikely. Most cultures will invite guests to sit and partake. There's no cause for rudeness.

Anyway, the submarine they are tallking about is a Russian vessel currently trapped under the Barents Sea.

barents sea

In the end, Colossus is too good a man not to help.

colossus saves a sub

And just like that, Peter Rasputin is back in the superhero business.

Meanwhile, Charles Xavier has figured out that the Betsy Braddock he's been talking to is really David.

professor x and david talking

The conversation between these two is chilling. Conducted in a very calm, even sterile, manner - yet the content is a fight to the death.

professor x and david talking

It's easy to blame Xavier at this point because he has been less than an ideal Dad. Still, kudos to him for being so calm in spite of the fact that David is pretty close to checkmate in this game.

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