Posted - November 15, 2017

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Wonder Woman (2016) No. 3
The Lies Part 2

Wonder Woman (2016) No. 3

Issue 3 takes up from the events of issue 1 deep in the jungle.

wonder woman, cheetah, and beast men

They are being followed by creatures Cheetah refers to as 'worshippers'. It turns out they're not her worshippers but worshipers of Urzkartaga, some vague forest god. They are approaching both Cheetah and Diana to hunt them as offerings.

We learn that Cheetah, while being a bride of this Urzkartaga, is also accursed and hated by this so-called diety. Cheetah is condemned to be eterally hungering for blood, sort of like a vampire. With Diana needing to know how to get back to Themyscira and Cheetah needing to be freed from Urzkartaga an alliance is formed.

wonder woman and cheetah

Their pursuers do eventually run them down but before the combined might of Wonder Woman and Cheetah, predators quickly become prey.

wonder woman fighting
cheetah fighting

During the battle, Cheetah's uncontrollable bloodlust is revealed and a promise is extracted from Diana.

cheetah talking to wonder woman

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor and his crew do decide to pursue the murderous Cadulo. Along the way they happen upon a supernatural sight.

a supernatural forest

Unbeknown to them they are nearing the temple of Urzkartaga one of whose worshippers is Cadulo.


Whos this Urzkartaga? Looks like the Swamp Thing.

The team is taken but Steve Trevor is the very soul of bravado.

steve trevor talking

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