Posted - November 15, 2017

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Wonder Woman (2016) No. 4
Year One Part 2

Wonder Woman (2016) No. 4

We continue with the origin of Wonder Woman.

Steve is the only survivor of the plane crash. The Amazons mount a salvage operation. One of the most significant finds of these sword and spear wielding women is the gun.

amazons and guns
amazons and guns
amazons and guns

Sword and spear wielding on the one hand, true, but on the other hand, they manage to not only repair the nearly totally wrecked plane but to give it invisiblity too.

creation of the invisible plane

I don't believe it unless magic was involved - that story doesn't explicitly say so but that's the only way this feat can be justified.

There's a lot of discussion about the crash. This panel is representative.

amazon council

As you can see, concepts such as 'the gods', 'omens', and such are the preoccupation of the Amazonian mind. I really like their analysis of the Navy Seal insignia.

amazons talking about the eagle insignia of the navy seals

Here's the conclusion of all this discussion.

the need for a champion announced

Let the games begin.

amazonian games

We all know who the Champion is.

wonder woman

With that, Steve and Diana leave on the invisible plane.

wonder woman and steve trevor leave themyscira

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