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blue moon


Today I wandered into a second hand bookstore. I love this place. As a rule, I'm a happy denizen of every bookstore in the neighborhood. They must have had a recent stock delivery, because there were more books than usual. So many books stacked and shelved and specially presented that I simply got overwhelmed. And it's not just the books. I noticed that media of all types are continually being produced adding to an ever increasing trove available for everyone.

I know three things connected with the rate of media production and the volume available: First, most of the material available I won't like at all, or at the very least I won't mind if I encounter them or not. Secondly, some of them I will love, I mean really love, love so much that if I ever do encounter them it would be a both a joy and a blessing. The third thing I know is that I don't have an effective way of finding these books, movies, tv programs, and art that will resonate with me.

On the assumption that I'm not alone in this opinion I have created this site.

It's very simple, I'm going to talk about the thing that I like and why I like them.

More likely than not, what I like won't be to your taste, and, naturally, you'll leave the site never to return. Good decision. Thanks for dropping by.

Some of you will have a different reaction. They will read one page, then another, then another. They will bookmark this site. These people look at the world like I do and share my approach to life. To them this site will be a service, it will point them to a world of books that will enrich their lives.


Dragonlance Trilogy

How Precious Was That While

A Room With A View

Fantasy Masterworks: Elric


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea




Star Trek 72 A Better Man