Batman Year One : Batman 406

The Batman is surrounded and everybody finds out what he's made of

The third issue of Year One, Batman 406, has the scene being referenced by the animated movie trailer below : The Batman is trapped in a derelict brownstone, he is wounded and a kill-everybody corrupt S.W.A.T. team is sent in to eliminate the "problem". I keep thinking about Superman when I'm reading this. Bruce doesn't have steel hard skin, he's already bleeding; he doesn't have heat vision, his utility belt has been compromised leaving him with limited tools, his batarangs are not among them; he can't fly, he's trapped in a basement. The Batman is so human and he is in so much danger.

What happens next is magic, just absolute magic that you might not want to miss. If you love Batman, don't miss this issue.

Also here is the beginning of the famous affair Jim Gordon has with Detective Sarah Essen.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 19, 2012

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