Batman Year One : Batman 407

Year One ends at it begins - with absolute brilliance

Because of the events in this issue Jim Gordon sees Bruce Wayne's face. I'm sure of it, well sort of, what do you think?

The center of events here is an immediate threat to Jim's family, his wife and young son. If I'm not mistaken this is the baby who would one day grow up to be the controversial James Gordon.

This is a team-up issue of sorts, seeing Gordon and Wayne/Batman fight side-by-side and ending with their legendary partnership just in time for the arrival of the Joker.

It is the conclusion of Batman: Year One, a work which I hold to be a finer one than even the powerful Dark Knight Returns. Miller's script achieves a wonderful paradox - it is both simple and deep; paring down the Batman to his essentials yet transcending the traditional superhero comic inclination towards whimsy (I'm not saying that's a bad inclination), and grounding the core of Year One in such realism. This is a work that takes itself very seriously, and I, for one, seeing such an approach from the creative team, am compelled to take it seriously too. With that mindset and an expectation of greatness, I read Year One which, in every page, every panel,  meets my expectation.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 19, 2012

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