The Incredible Hulk 212

First Appearance of the Constrictor!

hulk 212 cover

This issue written by Len Wein with art by Sal Buscema and Ernie Chan.

By way of presenting the incredible detail of the art of Buscema and Chan, I'm lifting one of the panels.

Hulk panel : art

This quality is pretty much consistent throughout the issue and is a big part of why I'm recommending it.

This 1977 issue is also the first appearance of the Constrictor.

Hulk panel : constrictor

The Constrictors battle suit is both bulletproof and has electrical insulation. The cables can be used as whips and are capable of applying a crushing force. In the suit's chest is an electrical generator that feeds the cables. Impressive, but this is a Hulk mag, so the Constrictor will be going up against the strongest member of the Marvel U. Normally, I'd consider him easy pickings for the Hulk but those cables are made of adamantium, the strongest metal; not even the Hulk can break it. Let's look in on the fight.

Hulk panel : eyes

This is a very smart move for the Constrictor - going after Hulk's eyes. The jade giant is temporarily confused.

The fight goes on for a respectable while but in the end the Hulk's strength is just too much for the Constrictor

Hulk panel : throw

What finally does the Constrictor in is an electrical shock when he accidentally taps into the city's power line. It's more than enough to kill a man but the Constrictor's suit is electrically insulated so it just knocks him out. The Constrictor is not a top-tier Marvel villain but he isn't a one issue wonder either. Later on he'll tackle the likes of Iron Man. More recently he'll find himself a member of Norman Osborn's team in the Dark Reign and Siege sagas. This isn't bad for a first outing.

Another thing I like about this issue is how the Hulk is drawn - massive and powerful.


Here's a priceless panel showing that you simply can't run over the Hulk.

Hulk panel : car

It's not over for how good Incredible Hulk 212 is. Outside of the capes the rendition of the women is drop-dead fantastic . . .

Here's April Sommers, Bruce Banner's landlady

Hulk panel : alice

And here's Betty Rose in a series of well-planned panels.

Hulk panel : betty

Ending the issue with flourish is the Hulk walking around New York to clear his head.

Hulk panel : walk

Posted by  Pete Albano - September 26,  2011

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hulk 212 cover

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