The Incredible Hulk 214

Jack Of Hearts Is Sure Of One Thing :
He Can Take Down The Hulk!

hulk 214 cover

This issue written by Len Wein and drawn by Sal Buscema

This issue is recommended because of the fantastic fight scene between the Incredible Hulk and Jack of Hearts.

Once upon a time, Jack of Hearts was the newest hero in Marvel's stable and Marvel was promoting this guy heavenly.

jack of hearts

Much like DC's Barry Allen, Jack came upon his powers as a result of a chemical accident. He got bathed in a substance called Zero Fluid. It made him stronger, tougher, able to heal twice as fast and allowed him to generate a strange kind of energy. It also blackened half of his body.

Jack is young. Underneath that advanced chain mail armor is a teenager. Being new at the hero game, he wants to prove himself. He decides to do it by defeating that menace to society - the incredible Hulk. Jack is young and stupid.

The Hulk is on his way out of the city to find some peace when Jack of Hearts pounces on him.


While the Hulk is grounded, Jack of Hearts swoops down.


Jack is able to fly by directing the zero energy downwards through his hands.

What follows next is a well-placed punch.


The Hulk is seven feet tall and a thousand pounds. Jack of Hearts can lift a maximum of 600 pounds. This is obviously a lucky punch.

Next follows a series of fight panels but Jack of Hearts finally unleashes his energy blast.


Now this is more like it, Jacks zero energy is sort of like Cyclop's optic blast - it is pure force rather than heat. Jack can regulate the strength of the blast with the maximum force being equivalent to 20 pounds of TNT per second. This is his best chance against the Hulk.

I hope you've enjoyed Jack's powers and prowess, because that's it' for Jack of Hearts. The Hulk is now angry and we all know what happens when the Hulk gets angry.

The downfall begins with a very ill-conceived head butt.


This allows the Hulk to get one punch in.

hulk punch

Do you know how many punches the Hulk has to get in before his opponent calls it quits? One. Jack of Hearts stages a getaway.


I did say the Hulk was mad right?


Back on the ground another foiled escape plan for the Jack of Hearts.


Now for this next series of panels try not to think of poor Jack and look at the awesome artwork! The layouts are just fantastic.


Well that's it, the Hulk goes on his merry way and Jack of Hearts miraculously survives this encounter. Hehehe.

Posted by  Pete Albano - September 26,  2011

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hulk 214 cover

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