The Art Of CrossGen

The original CrossGen Comics is no more but Mark Alessi and Gina Villa's company left a legacy of excellent art. Here are some choice panels.

This is from Scion No. 1. Pencils by Jim Cheung, inks by Don Hillsman II, and colors by Caesar Rodriguez.

Crossgen Art : scion no. 1 enlarge

From Mystic No. 27. Pencils by Fabrizio Florentino, inks by Matt Ryan, and colors by Andrew Crossley.

Crossgen Art : mystic no. 27 enlarge

This is from the credits page of the Chimera series. Art by Brandon Peterson.

Crossgen Art : credits page of chimera series enlarge

From Crux No. 9. Pencils by Steve Epting, inks by Rick Magyar, and colors by Frank D'Armata

Crossgen Art : crux no. 9 enlarge

This is from Crux No. 25, also by Epting and D'Armata but this time the inker is Roland Paris.

Crossgen Art : crux no. 25 enlarge

This is from Lady Death A Medieval Tale No. 11. Pencils by Aaron Lopresti, inks by Pablo Marcos and Jennifer Cross, colors by Justin Thyme (Just in Time!?)

Crossgen Art : lady death a medieval tale no. 11 enlarge

This is from Masters of the Universe Icons of Evil : Mer-Man. Pencils and inks by EJ Su and colors by Tony Washington.

Crossgen Art : masters of the universe icons of evil mer-man enlarge

From Meridian No. 10. The penciler is Steve McNiven, Jordi Ensign inks, and colors by Morry Hollowell.

Crossgen Art : meridian no. 10 enlarge

From Ruse No. 18. Art is by Butch Guice, Mike Perkins and Laura Martin.

Crossgen Art : ruse no. 18 enlarge

This last piece is from Sigil No. 36. Dale Eaglesham is the penciller, Andrew Hennessy did the inks, and colors from Andrew Crossley.

Crossgen Art : sigil no. 36 enlarge

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