Star Wars : Tales of the Jedi : the Golden Age of the Sith 1

The Star Wars universe already have Jedi five thousand years ago, they also have poverty

We get a good view of the starship, Starbreaker 12 here and it looks surprisingly primitive; almost like it was built of bamboo sticks and canvas, yet this is a vehicle that can do space jumps. I also noticed that the lightsabers the Jedi of this age use have wires running to power packs tied to their waists. The comic is full of details like this that support the fact that this is an ancient Star Wars tale.

I am struck by something timeless though : poverty. Gav and Jori Daragon are trying to make a living and failing at it. They have sold their house and are living on Starbreaker 12. Soon they lose even that and have to live in the street. This downward spiral is effectively told and rendered and builds instant empathy with readers. Plus it explains perfectly why the pair do what they do at the end.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 4, 2012

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