Star Wars : Tales of the Jedi : the Golden Age of the Sith 2

Read this to bolster your Sith trivia knowledge

Ah this is great. Spot question: Why are Sith Lords called Sith Lords? Answer : Because when they were exiled from the Republic they conquered a race called the Sith and took their name from that race. It's all here in issue 2.

The Sith civilization of that time is clearly modelled after ancient Egyptian civilisation. Prepare for monumental statues and edifices. I particularly like the fierce creatures the Dark Jedi use to guard their tombs. We are also made aware of a pure and half-blood caste among the Sith as some of them have maintained the old blood line and others have intermingled with the conquered Sith.

Open the pages and you'll be just in time for the funeral of a Dark Lord.

Posted by  Pete Albano - February 4, 2012

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