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So what I do is I go to my local comics retailer and ask them if they have any leftover Previews from months ago. They usually do and they sell it to me for a third or half price, depending on the age. It was while perusing one of these back issues that I saw the solicitation for Bulletproof Coffin; not only that, it had a short preview of the work that I really enjoyed.

It took a while, but I finally got my hands on a copy.

Bulletproof Coffin is the story of Steve Newman who has a job so original, its really perfect for the pulpy feel of this book. Steve is a Voids Contractor. A Voids Contractor empties the house of a person who has died if that person has no living relatives or close friends. It's a cool job, made all the cooler by the fact that there's no such job. I googled it. That's a good start.  Then it started to get better.

The part that really hooked me was when Steve went to his little hideaway in the attic where he keeps all sorts of collectibles and memorabilia, including comic books of course. Yup, he's one of us. Steve thinks, acts and goes about his days as a true fanboy - just like you; and just like me. Bulletproof Coffin is about us.

This initial issue has all the usual introductions and the faint stirrings of another world intruding upon Steve Newman's reality. A world based on some musty, old, golden age comics he's found. You'll love the deus ex machina of a comic within a comic used in this pages and repeated throughout the series. As I said, it's a great start, but the best is yet to come.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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2 : The Coffin Fly

3 : Ramona, Queen of the Stone Age

4 : All hell breaks loose

5 : The Red Wraith, The Ghost Who Shambles

6 : Bittersweet ending

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