Bulletproof Coffin 5

The Ghost Who Shambles

This issue introduces a compelling new character called the Red Wraith, the Ghost Who Shambles. He is a cursed hero who must always answer the summons of any mortal in trouble who utters his name three times. He is pretty much condemned to do this for eternity. This concept really has possibilities, even more so than the Coffin Fly. Some of those possibilities are explored in this issue's comic within a comic which features Red Wraith.

If you liked the half-naked Ramona from issue three, you're gonna love her here. She's either totally naked or wearing only a towel.

On the storyline front, Steve Newman is getting deeper into trouble as he is being pursued by mysterious Shadow Men. Worst than that, some of Newman's golden age buddies are ending up as Shadow Men casualties. Things are not looking good.

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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1 : Steve Newman, Voids Contractor

2 : The Coffin Fly

3 : Ramona, Queen of the Stone Age

4 : All hell breaks loose

5 : The Red Wraith, The Ghost Who Shambles

6 : Bittersweet ending

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