Bulletproof Coffin 3

Adventures of the Coffin Fly!

We got a peek of it last issue but now we get the full dose as the first few pages of issue 3 contains a two page spread of the Bulletproof Coffin.

The Bulletproof Coffin is Steve/Coffin Fly's ride. Fantastic. Kudos to Shaky Kane for the art. I particularly like the skill motif on the wheels and you'll notice that the Bulletproof Coffin goes around dragging hooks on chains - some kind of on the go digging tool. Crazy corny stuff, I'm loving every bit of it.

Also this issue, the comic within a comic is Ramona, Queen of the Stone Age. Here she is.

Ramona is Steve's love interest and we'll see more of her.

The third issue takes us deeper into Steve's other reality. A post apocalyptic world that is a campy pulp lover's dream come true. Not only is it post-apocalyptic, it has zombies too. Not only does it have zombies it has dinosaurs. What more can we ask for?

Posted by  Pete Albano - January 6, 2012

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1 : Steve Newman, Voids Contractor

2 : The Coffin Fly

3 : Ramona, Queen of the Stone Age

4 : All hell breaks loose

5 : The Red Wraith, The Ghost Who Shambles

6 : Bittersweet ending

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