Detective Comics 582

Millenium Was Bad, So This Isn't A Surprise

evil gordon

I'm not blaming Jo Duffy for this atrocious issue for a number of reasons. First, I've seen her work in Defenders - she's a strong writer. Second, this is a Millenium crossover, so the storyline was editorially dictated to an extent; the parts that where not Millenium subplots were not so bad. The Manhunters as depicted in Millenium are certainly a pet peeve of mine. They are poorly designed tin soldiers and look particularly bad when depicted in bunches. The only thing that kept this from being awful was Breyfogle's art. If you're in the mood for a bad comic. You've found it.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 9, 2011

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detective comics 582

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