Detective Comics 871-873

The New Batman In An Adventure About People Who Collect Batman Villain Memorabilia

First of all, the art is ravishing. Not gorgeous. Not beautiful. Ravishing - lush and rich and yes, sexy. Kudos to Jock, who did the art for this story arc. In particular look for the two page spread with the red sky and the bat moon with Batman and Gordon talking on the GCPD rooftop. This is in 871.

red skies over gotham

There is a one pager in 872 when Batman leaps off after his meeting with Oracle - I was tempted to tear it off and frame it.

batman leaps off

Writing flows, with nary a boring moment and there are very well placed cliff hangers between issues. There is reference in 871 to a corrupt cop, Becca Mulcahey, an alleged associate of the infamous Jim Corrigan. Sure enough she's there when I checked out my old issues of Gotham Central.

The backup tale in 871 and 872 is about Jim Gordon and is interesting enough but it does not conclude during the course of this three issue arc.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 9, 2011 | updated - July 4, 2001

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