Detective Comics 585-586

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Next Stop : The Sewers of Gotham

Breyfogle came on board on 579, but his art approaches its peak in these two issues (590 is even better). A big attraction of this arc is the ickiness factor. Batman has to descend into the sewers of Gotham and there are rats. Lots and lots of rats, crawling all over the place, all over the people. It's easy to underestimate the villainous Ratcatcher, but he does stretch the Batman's resourcefulness here. Wagner and Grant give him a convincingly solid origin and motivations. At least I think its Wagner and Grant. Alan Grant revealed later on that John Wagner left after only a few issues of their Detective run but his name was kept on the credits because Grant was concerned that DC might revoke his contract if they found out the partnership was no longer active.  No matter, this is a great pair of issues.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 9, 2011

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detective comics 585

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