Detective Comics 591

Boomerang vs. Batarang!

An amount of research was done on this one by Alan Grant on ancient Australian aboriginal culture and lore which really enhances the story. At one point, Batman confronts the warrior Umbaluru and Umbaluru calls him a 'Night Spirit'; at that moment, I realized how nicely the mystique of the Batman fit in with the mystical lore of ancient Australia. In another exchange near the end, Batman reveals his unique stance as a vigilante. He insists that wrongdoers be captured so they can be then tried according to the law. This is in contrast to the traditional vigilante stance of judge, jury and executioner typified by Umbaluru. A great story by Grant all the better because of Breyfogle's' excellent visuals.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 9, 2011

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detective comics 591

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