Detective Comics 594

This Anti-Drug Issue Is Way Out There

For the last nine consecutive issues this creative team has been turning out work that I have been rating four stars or 'Exceptional'. Unfortunately, the streak ends here. Just like issues 583 and 584, this is an anti-drug issue. The drug in question is the famous night club pill, Ecstasy. So the guy who took Ecstasy starts running around killing people like a terrorist. Not even guys on cocaine do this. So I looked up the symptoms of Ecstasy on the net and it is nowhere near like the depiction in this comic. Next, there is a scene here where a bunch of joy riders get blown up while riding a Porsche right in front of the Batman and a private investigator. This car just doesn't blow up but this seems to be lost on the Bat, until the P.I. points out that there must have been some kind of bomb. Lastly, the P.I. is a guy named Joe Potato. Yes. And . . . and, he looks just like a potato. Yes. And he makes lame potato jokes all throughout the issue - they are so lame that I actually chuckled near the end when he was throwing it out like Spider-Man during a battle. This all adds up to  a 'Bad' rating for this comic. It's an off issue for Grant but you can console yourself with the great Breyfogle art.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 10, 2011

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detective comics 594

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