Detective Comics 874 & 875

The Mystery Of James Gordon

These two issues, and the backup stories from 871 and 872, form a story that, in turn, forms a question and the question is never answered. Like a multi-faceted gem the question is presented to the reader, it's various facets introduced; there is depth in this question and there is mystery. It is a measure of Scott Snyder's skill that his delicate balance is maintained and we do not get frustrated at the tale. The tale is told as it should be and presented with great artistry by the writer. An artistry that is handily matched by the artist. Francavilla's particular strength is action. Batman and Red Robin in motion is a joy to behold. Francavilla's inks are rightfully heavy keeping a tone that suggests Miller and Colan. The range of the color palette used for each set of related panels is carefully limited, helping to evoke mood.  But it is the writing that draws us back. Notice the subtlety with which Mr. Snyder fills out the character of James Gordon, a dialogue here, a scene there. A lesser writer would have succumbed to stereotypes. As I turn the last page  I think it only right that DC assigns its top talents to do such an iconic title as 'Detective Comics'.

Posted by  Pete Albano - April 9, 2011

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detective comics 874

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